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Enhance Patient Care, reduce cost of operations and increase revenues through eDocHealth.

eDocHealth is a proven medical document management solution that instantly improves medical office document access as well as practice workflow by electronically scanning and filing your documents and making them accessible to your entire staff regardless of their location. When you minimize paper-based activity and work within a digital environment, you trim overhead costs by reducing reliance on paper, Document Management Softwarestreamline workflow with quick access to information, and protect patient records with strict user-control.
The burden of administrative and clinical documents in a medical practice is considerable. Busy offices lead to inaccessible administrative documents and charts; whether misplaced, lost, or in use by another staff member. Physician practices continue to seek a solution to reduce or eliminate the increasing volumes of paper within their organizations. The optimal product would eliminate the issues of overcrowded office space and storage facilities as well as the problems associated with paper medical records such as lost or misplaced patient charts, patient EOBs etc …. Medical staff and providers demand a user friendly HIPAA compliant solution that enhances patient care, and reduces cost of operations while increasing revenue and generating a rapid return on investment (ROI).

 eDocHealth is a cost-effective way to meet those needs, by automation of administrative and clinical documents management. eDocHealth does not force you to change your office workflowm, instead, it can adapt to it or be configured for “best operational practices”. 

eDocHealth can work in conjunction with your Practice Management software and Electronic Medical Records software (EMR/EHR). In most cases document management solutions are better suited to manage medical records than traditional EMR/EHR. It is a non fact that document management solutions have near 98% implementation success while traditional EMR/HER solutions are more challenging endeavors.

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